F Street Hospitality


F Street Hospitality operates a unique collection of inspired dining and entertainment destinations. Always striving for more, we’ve created our own version of modern hospitality by elevating our offerings beyond the basics and providing complete – yes, we can do that – experiences that are comfortable, satisfying and memorable. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, but we enjoy transforming the simple into something remarkable. Learn more >

Milwaukee Brewing Company

Established in 1997, MKE Brewing Co. is a reputable craft brewery that is poised for future growth. The brewery was founded on principles of crafting and creating beers using the best local ingredients and suppliers in a sustainable, creative and innovative environment.

At Glass + Griddle, we’re crafting a unique beer hall experience for our guests that embraces the quality of some of the amazing food and drinks produced right here in Wisconsin.

As Milwaukee’s downtown skyline and Deer District continues to take shape, you’ll have no better view of it than from The Rooftop. Enjoy your favorite Milwaukee Brewing Co. beers, as well as some hand-crafted cocktails and other summer-inspired selections.

The Venue

The Venue at Milwaukee Brewing Company is a modern, open-concept event space that offers an unmatched experience and view of downtown Milwaukee for your guests.

Founded by Local home brewers on October 17, 1997, the Milwaukee Ale House serves up fresh music, live beer and great food to the good people of Wisconsin and travelers from all over the world. Located in a brick and timber warehouse building downtown in the Historic Third Ward, we offer indoor and outdoor dining, six or more handcrafted beers, lunch, and dinner everyday with late night food on the weekends.

Feeding your munchies since 1970. Pizza Man serves up some of the best pizza in the city, along with handmade pasta and a wine collection that rivals any in the state. With three locations, we’re helping to spread the joy of fine Italian foods in a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere.

Iconic and generationally-historic, Timmer’s Resort has been providing one-of-a-kind experiences to our guests and families visiting the resort of nearly 150 years. Our beautiful lodge has fireplaces in each dining room, as well as beautiful views of Big Cedar Lake and its surrounding pines and native foliage.

F Street Investments


Lending money to real estate investment companies to help them finance acquisition and renovation projects to achieve higher returns. Our mission is to be the premier hard money lender in southeastern Wisconsin and beyond, by helping investors achieve superior market returns by leveraging our hard money loans while supporting the real estate investment community.

Milwaukee Hard Money

Milwaukee Hard Money, powered by F Street Investments, is a Milwaukee-based hard money lender. Our lending program is a vehicle through which real estate investors can realize their investment goals and be competitive in their market. Learn more >

F Street Development


F Street Development is a privately-held investment group dedicated to creating value and above-market returns for our investors. We invest responsibly in commercial real estate through a proven investment strategy while helping to shape and support the communities we invest in.

F Street Development focuses on investing in commercial real estate across various asset classes. Our creative approach, in-depth understanding of the market, and relationship with real estate professionals help to unlock value for each investment we undertake. Our mission is to develop and build meaningful real estate projects that make the communities we invest in better places to live, work, and play. Learn more >

The 42

Located in Milwaukee’s revitalized Brewery District, The 42 brings together both work and entertainment, providing tenants and visitors with an experience unlike any other in the city.


F Street West is an industry-specific division of F Street Group, with assets and investments positioned in both Colorado and Oregon. These assets are focused on the development of alternative investments, which are growing rapidly throughout each state and across the United States in general.

Jomela Properties

Jomela Properties offers a variety of quality, affordable rental housing. We are our city’s locally-owned source for apartments, duplexes, and single family homes. With over 1,500 units throughout the city, we are easy to find, with offices throughout the metro Milwaukee area.

At Jomela, we pride ourselves on a better customer experience. When you contact Jomela, our knowledgeable staff will make sure you get the answers you need. Jomela’s skilled maintenance crew addresses all repair concerns in a timely and professional manner.

Arbel Growth Partners

We take great care in the way we do things at Arbel Growth Partners — with transparency, alignment, and trust — and that cultivates long-lasting relationships. We are industry specific and for good reason – no one knows it better. Our portfolio focuses on natural and organic food manufacturers. We partner with company founders to achieve the next “Breakout Brand”. We provide brand building expertise, resources, and growth capital. Our goal is a true alignment with Founders, Management, and Investors to help build a comprehensive strategy and roadmap to unprecedented success.

Armada Equity Partners

At Armada Equity Partners, we’re obsessed with growing the natural and organic food industry and promoting the healthy lifestyle available to each and every one of us. We started Armada to bring socially conscious brands to the everyday consumer.

We are industry specific and for good reason – no one knows it better. Our investment portfolio focuses on natural and organic food manufacturers. We partner with company founders to achieve the next “Breakout Brand”. We provide brand building expertise, resources, and growth capital.

F Street Capital

F Street Capital provides capital investment to help businesses across multiple industry sectors that are poised for growth, to achieve long-term success.

One such business is SmartChoice MRI, which offers high-quality MRI scans and expert results at an accessible price, all while keeping our patients comfortable. With Smart Choice MRI, we’re not just reinventing healthcare, we’re redefining it.