Michelle joined our group in early 2017 and, with over 20 years of experience, delivers a wealth of knowledge and a sincere desire to see others succeed in reaching their financial goals. She manages all of our day-to-day financing activities, as well as our client relations initiatives with each of our partners, and ensures our books always balance.

For the last two decades, Michelle has been a vital resource for companies across various industries as a skilled accounting professional. She currently works with Milwaukee Hard Money and The Hard Money Co. as a Senior Accountant, overseeing all aspects of the accounting and loan servicing processes for the company. While meticulously balancing the books, she also serves as the borrower’s point of contact. Everything from monthly payments to finance questions regarding the loan, and all the way to the point the loan is paid off, Michelle is there to serve as a guide and support.

While she was born in Detroit, Michelle spent the first 15 years of her life with her parents and four siblings living in Mexico before moving back to Michigan as a teen. She is fluent in both Spanish and English and has a personal passion for helping the Hispanic community achieve their financial dreams. By making the transition to becoming a Loan Originator, Michelle wants to help those looking to better their lives through smart investments to reach their long-term goals.

In her free time, she is still focused on investment opportunities. Along with her life and business partner, Michelle owns and operates several rental properties. She loves the real estate industry and uses her time to expand her own understanding to assist others. When she’s not working on building her expertise and portfolio, she enjoys spending her time with loved ones or exploring new places. She often travels to attend different sporting events.

With her wide range of expertise and care for the clients she works alongside, Michelle is an incredible resource for understanding the different ways Hard Money can be a game-changing tool in your investment toolbox.